Waiting aboard a fishing boat, when it’s still dark outside. The seasons of the sea, punctuating the lives of men and fish. The slow pace of life in an ancient fishing village, the long months of anchovies ageing in “terzigni”: time is distilled in every drop. A long 18 months of ageing give Colatura di Alici Acquapazza Gourmet anchovy sauce a flavour as rich as this splendid story.


The people of Cetara have been catching and working with anchovies for centuries, in a profound natural relationship with their local resources. The desire to preserve the features that make this place unique inspires our choices today, our work based on the principles of sustainable, traceable fishing, without compromises, to protect our heritage of people, land and sea.


Many generations of men and women of the sea have followed one upon another in Cetara, each handing down a precious gift to the next generation. We inherited the secrets of Cetara’s traditional way of preparing anchovies: expert hands create a line of top-quality products that speak volumes about the sea.